Sunday, January 17, 2010

Work It Out Weekends

So, this week, I only worked out 2 days. BLAH! Thursday was my first day back to the gym. I ran a mile and a 1/2 which, in my opinion, is not so bad for my first day back. I also did some free weights (is it just me or does anyone else sometimes feel insecure when lifting free weights?) I also did lots of crunches and worked with the exercise ball. I'm headed to the gym in about an hour for my second round of the week.

The reason I didn't work out more this week is a kind of sorry excuse. Whenever I haven't worked out in awhile, and try to get back into the routine, my knees always hurt when I go up and down stairs. After Thursday's work out my knee was killing me, so I decided to give it a couple days to recover. Hopefully it's okay now and I can get back into the routine.

As far as the eating healthy aspect of things, I've had better days. Friday night I watched movies with a friend and we had crackers and lots of cheese, and a few dark chocolate raspberry filled chocolates. I also ate mexican food about 3 times last week. Great....

Here's to a better week ahead!!! ;-)

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anna joy said...

hi katy!! its sooo good to hear from you again :) i'm definitley going to post some photos from India soon. thats crazy you're getting married so soon!! whos doing your photos- maybe ashley forette???

Brie said...

I totally agree with the free weights!!!! I am trying to lose 15 pounds in about a month and a half, do you think i can do it? I am going to be posting my progress on my blog... check it out =]
xoxo Brie

Twin XL said...

Just take everything a week at a time :)