Saturday, December 4, 2010

Happy Holidays

Sorry for the hiatus I've taken from blogging. I've started my job and have been trying to adjust. I am working night shift 11pm-7:30am and so my whole body is against me at this point. My stomach is trying to adjust to the weird eating patterns, my sleep cycle is pretty much totally confused at this point. I am liking my job though. It's not 100% what I imagined it to be but it is what it is and I am enjoying it.

Here's a little update on the past month or so you'v
e missed out on.
My parents came to visit us in Chicago for the first time! It was so fun for them to be here! We took them downtown, showed them around the northern suburbs (our part of town) and we ate TONS of food (Chicago Deep Dish, Hot dogs, Billy Goat Tavern CHEEZBOOGERS and so much more!)

So while downtown with my parents we saw this Van called FLIRTY CUPCAKES. It travels around Chicago during the week and posts on Facebook where it's locations for that day are going to be. CUPCAKES FROM A VAN!?!?! It's like My type of ice cream truck! I don't like Ice cream very much but I would die for a cupcake! ;-) I had the Red Velvet. It was delicious!

Since we could not be home for Thanksgiving, my mom and I made Thanksgiving dinner together while they were here a couple weeks before THanksgiving. We had SO Much fun in the Kitchen together. We made a turkey breast, candied yams, mashed potatoes and gravy, sausage sourdough stuffing, and green bean casserole! It was DELICIOUS!

That is my Thanksgiving dinner table. I loved the napkins. they said "I'M SO STUFFED" with cute little turkeys on them.
We invited our neighbors and very close friends, Emily and Andy, over to eat with us. It was so nice having my parents and our close friends with us. We had such a great time.

It was such a nice visit with my parents!

Matt and I had Thanksgiving dinner on the day by ourselves. It was kind of nice being together and talking about what we
're thankful for. We made a nice dinner and then we had our other close friends and neighbors, Lydia and Glen over for dessert.

We've since decorated our apartment a little for Christmas. We bought a small tree on black friday.

All in all we're doing pretty well around here these days! Just trying to adjust to the new schedule and still see each other.

I'll try to keep this updated as best as I can, I've just kind of put it on the back burner for awhile now.

Hope all is well!

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Anonymous said...

I'm glad you updated. Believe it or not my friends read it to keep up with you back in WV. Keep blogging.

We did have fun and now can't wait until you all come for Christmas.

Love, MOM