Saturday, January 1, 2011

I'm Back!

Okay ya'll, the CRAZIEST thing happened! My blog was deleted!!!!! I have no idea what happened! Both of my gmail accounts were hacked or something because I had to reset both of them!!! But, I'M BACK!!!

I've officially gotten into the full swing of working night shift. It's been an adjustment, hence the lack of blogging!


It's officially 2011 which means a New Year has begun! With a new year comes new beginnings. I have never been into the whole New Years Resolution thing, but I do like to set goals for myself. My problem, however, is that I tend to set too many goals for myself and then get bombarded that I cannot reach all of my goals and essentially give up on all of them. I set some goals for myself for my 24th birthday HERE.

1.) Start working out again- (run a 5k by spring)

2.) Travel to surrounding states-- Indiana, Minnesota, Iowa, etc. At least 1 or 2.
3.) Get a Macbook or an IPhone
4.) Knit a cowl. Learn to Knit in the Round.
5.) Learn to be a great wife. :-)---- neverending process
6.) Communicate better. --- workin' on it
7.) Consume less caffeine-- CHECK
8.) Bake more delicious things. (Cheesecake, Pies and Cupcakes OH MY!)--- CHECK
9.) Open an Etsy shop --- not happening....
10.) Visit my Family--- CHECK
11.) Get a sewing machine and sew my own clothing, pillows, etc.-- got the sewing machine for Christmas (still in the box)
12.) Go to more antique shops
13.) Start a box herb garden next spring
14.) Be more patient --- workin' on it
15.) Eat Healthier (be vegetarian for awhile?!?!) --- come on it's the Holidays! get real...
16.) Go to more concerts (Local Natives, Ray Lamontagne, Ingrid Michaelson, are some of the ones I'm watching for coming to Chicago).
17.) Be frugal financially and save money-- CHECK (with the excpetion of having to purchase a new vehicle.)
18.) Continue decorating our apartment by making more things myself -CHECK
19.) Continue to learn to play Ukulele and possibly Guitar
20.) Be a great nurse-- workin on it! Just got done with my 6 week training/orientation!
21.) Go apple picking and bake an apple pie -- do apple dumplings count?!
22.) Keep in touch with friends and family back home better -- trying!
23.) Learn to appreciate today ( I am getting so much better at this).--- Workin on it!
24.) Read more books--- eeehhhhh....

There's a little update on where I am with my birthday goals.... so....

1. Read my Bible. This is something I have always struggled with being in my routine. It should be my main focus and more important to me. My goal is to have my own personal time to do this in my daily routine.
2. Start gym membership and work out at least 3 times a week.
My Parents got us our first month of our membership, so we're going to start that soon!
3. Blog consistently and try to get people to actually read it!
4. Learn how to knit in the round
5. Learn to use my new sewing machine
6. Go on more mini-vacations
7. Book our first vacation! (Germany?)
8. Be more adventurous in my cooking
9. Eat healthier
10. Be more frugal and save more money
11. Have more time for myself

There you have it! 11 things for 2011. They kind of intertwine with my other goals for the year. Here's to reaching new goals in 2011!

What are your goals or resolutions?!?!

Matt and I went home for Christmas. It was so wonderful! Pictures and a blog post to come soon!!!!

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Sarah said...

i LOVE your goals for 2011! gotta agree wholeheartedly with the first one - i NEED to get back on track with my bible reading. it's really difficult, but i guess i gotta start soon ay. :) i had a free 3-month trial at the gym and it sorta just expired. so right now i'm just hoping that i'll have enough cash to pay for a renewed gym membership. :)

i wish you an incredible and amazing 2011 ahead, my dear. may it be your best one yet, filled with heaps of love and joy. :) xo.