Sunday, January 16, 2011

Someday.... and some goals for the week. *

I will have a crafting nook like this:Featured HERE

and Matt will have a wall of books like this::(i lost the source to this picture)

We're already on our way there with the book collection thanks to undergrad and 3 years of grad school and about 4-5 more years of college for him).

Just a random thought while browsing the web and dreaming..

This week's goals::
*Work out at least 3 days that I have off.
*Get my sewing machine out of the box and make something
*Read my Bible

That's it. Nothing too extreme. I have Tuesday and Wednesday off this week and the weekend so I'm planning on enjoying my free time and getting off the couch and doing something. Hopefully! It's hard to do when you have days off because you have to readjust your sleep schedule! We'll see how it goes!


T@R@ said...

i love the craft nook! i want one too :)

Lindz said...

My husband and I also have the lofty goal of having a library someday, too. We already have a million books and they are shoved into our spare room - WE NEED A HOUSE!

Katie Stratton said...

oh, hello there wall of books! so good. i'll take the crafting nook too while we're at it.