Sunday, January 23, 2011

Contradictory Me

I am 24 years old.
and I am still figuring myself out.

I always thought I was very extroverted.
I love people, but I also love my alone time.

I love being able to think.
But hate not being able to turn off my thoughts at times.

I love who I am,
but have always struggled with body image.

I hate pink,
but I like my fingernails to be pink.

I love being crafty,
but need a lot of inspiration and ideas to get going.

I adore music,
but never practiced piano enough.

I want to be more knowledgeable about my faith,
but struggle to read my Bible and learn more.

I hate judgmental people,
but sometimes struggle to not be judgmental myself.

I want to be less materialistic,
but have a list of things I "want" and yet don't need.

I want to travel the world,
and yet am very comfortable at home.

I am very contradictory and am still trying to figure o
ut who I am,
but becoming very more aware of who I want to be.


Lindz said...

I honestly think that we're always figuring ourselves out! I have very similar thoughts run through my head everyday... and I am always able to come up with things I wish I were.

Mama Kayla said...

Wow. Sounds like me at the whopping age of 22. I hear that I have a lot to learn. I think the journey is half the process! Nice post! :-)