Monday, September 1, 2008

back to school....

Hello long lost blog world... (okay.. cheesy I know...)

I've officially completed my first 2 weeks back to school. In a way, it's gone by SOOO slow.. and in other ways it's been going by kind of fast. I like being back so far. I pretty much love my roommate and I's interior decorating design of our dorm room...

that's my bed and desk... black and white pictures in frames on the wall. and I got another Paris poster to put on the kind of bare wall with the other poster. LOL
my roommate, Emily, with part of my bed and our wall hanging.

Emily's bed and her black and white pictures.

When my brother saw these pictures he said he liked our kitchen. LOL You have to improvise when you share a small room.

So, there you have it... a sneak peak into the dorm life.. LOL our bathroom door is right beside those dressers on the right. It's nice to have our own bathroom though... well.. we share it with the girls next door but they're pretty clean. Which is good. LOL

In other news.... Matt is in Chicago now.. going to grad school at Trinity International University. It sucks being far away.. but we're doing good. Absence makes the heart grow fonder right? So true.

I've been really involved with Campus Crusade for Christ since I've been back. We're doing a lot of outreach on campus... playing ultimate frisbee in the freshman quad and different trips away from campus. It's good to have close friends. It makes it easier.

I have maternity nursing this semester, and mental health nursing... they are both pretty exciting. I'm ready for clinicals to start. I'm so excited to see a delivery, and to work with a mental health patient.

So... here is some BIG NEWS!!!! Are you ready for it?!?!
It looks like I am going to be going to AFRICA in MAY 2009!!!!!! I am so excited! It's definitely been a God thing. I was actually looking for organizations online to go through the first week back to school, and couldn't really find anything in my time frame... so I kind of gave up hope on the situation. Well, there is a couple at our church that is in college ministry, and Scott came up to me that Sunday (after I had given up) and said, "hey, we are planning a mission trip for May 2009" and I immediately began freaking out, because some how I knew he was going to say "To Africa" and so... he did.. and I really freaked out. LOL It looks like we're going the second and third week of May. I am so excited, and yet so nervous that it's not going to work out... I'm worried I'm not going to be able to raise all the support ($4,000) that's a whole lot of money to raise. I definitely don't have that kind of money, so I have to raise it all. I'm just trusting God in the situation and hoping that it all works out. I think we're going to be going to Zambia. It is a more established part of Africa, but still in desperate need of help and security from the government. I am so excited to work in the clinics and help deliver babies and work with the children. I know it is going to be a true test of faith, but I am ready for it! So stay tuned to see how the trip plans work out... and if you feel it on your heart to help me raise support.. that'd be amazing! *wink wink*

Well, I think that's about all for now.. stay tuned for more updates on life and my trip to Africa!


Shalane said...

Africa?! Wow...that's fabulous! Keep me updated on that!

Your room looks great! Of course, I love the black and white! :)

Glad you are doing well...

<3 you!

T@R@ said...

So happy that Africa is working out for you! Let me know what I can do to help and what I can pray for :)