Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Chase & Clarissa's Wedding Weekend

Last weekend was my cousins wedding. He and I are the closest in age than I think all of the cousins... but, we didn't really grow up together because we've always lived far apart. But, nonetheless we're pretty close. He and his now wife had a beautiful wedding at a close friends' house in Ohio. It was a beautiful day outside. His wife is from Brazil. They met while both working in Disneyworld!!! :-) It's such a cute story. Anyways, she is now working on getting her green card.

Here are some pictures from the big day...

Chase and Clarissa
Me and my beautiful cousin Lydia (chase's youngest sister)
Me and Chase's Siters
Me and Clarissa
The CakeHere is where the fun began! That's my grandma!
It's Brazilian tradition to have masks and costumes! It was so fun!!!!
The bride and groom's fathers representing each other's countries

Chase and Clarissa dressed up
Me, Hannah and Julianne lookin' cute!

The wedding was a blast and it was great to see family!! Now, back to studying...

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