Sunday, March 23, 2008


WHOA! It's been awhile since I last posted!!!
I've been on Easter break and haven't really spent much time on the computer... I came home Wednesday night and Thursday I went to lunch with a couple friends from high school at BlackBear ( mmm!!!) and then went to my training/orientation at my new job at HealthSouth Rehab Hospital. Thursday night I hung out with Matt and some of his (and mine...) guy friends. I love hanging out with males.... I am around silly girls 24/7 at school so I love to come home and play video games and watch basketball/football with the boys. It's a blast! :-)

On Friday morning, my parents, mamaw (mom's mom) and myself all packed up the car and headed to Ohio to visit my aunt, uncle, cousins and niece! It was so fun!!! It was nice to get away for a couple days. Even though I had to do some homework (and of course didn't do enough...) it was nice to visit with family I hadn't seen in awhile! We just hung out around their house and watched movies, laughed, and just caught up with life. It was a wonderful Easter.

Here are some pictures...
my cousin Lydia and I dying eggs! :-)

Ever since we were babies and couldn't even walk.... my cousins and I have hunted Easter eggs. My Pap was always the one who was so into it. He LOVED it. He and my mamaw would save all their change throughout the year and put it in the eggs. We each always got at least $14.00 out of the deal. This trip I realized I am getting OLD!!! Last year was my last year to be allowed participation in the annual Easter Egg Hunt... so this year I got to hide them for my niece!
There I am in the background... and this is my niece. She's 12... this also made me realize how old I am getting...
My cousins Chase, Lydia, Me and my niece, Kwanita all posing after Easter Church Service. The annual picture (missing quite a few this year...)Lydia and I after we found our Easter Baskets :-)

I just love her.. :-) (my hair is looking rather "poofy" here... don't ya think?!)

So my brother and sister-in-law bought Kadence real live chicks for Easter this year. She apparently LOVES them... their names are "James" and "Peepers"... so cute... here is a picture of her with one of her new baby chicks.

On that adorable note.....

Hope everyone had a WONDERFUL Easter and got to reflect on the true meaning of the holiday... Jesus' Resurrection and our salvation! :-)


anna joy said...

aw, i love your Easter post too! Don't get me wrong, I love cadburry eggs and marshmallow bunnies but Jesus awesomeness melts my face off

Ashley said...

What great photos. Looks like you had a really nice time. i love your "poofy" hair. :)