Tuesday, March 11, 2008

My attempt at craftiness....

Yet again... I have been inspired!!!

I have been in the mood lately to be crafty after I've been looking at all these random blogs of people who are so creative like Emery, Ashley and Shannon... it is still weird for me to post about people who I have NO IDEA who they are! LOL! I told my mom something when I was home about one of my "blog friends" and she was like.. "Katy!!! You better not do that! You're probably talking to some old pervert guy!" I was like... "Mom, you are crazy! It's not like I talk to them or give them my social security number!!! We just share ideas and stories and stuff... calm down!" HAHA! Moms.... so overprotective... HEHE!

So.... back to the point!!!! I HAVE BEEN INSPIRED!!!!

Awhile ago Emery posted about an idea she had to get a cheap journal and to make it your own.

Well... I decided when I was home that I wanted to get rid of all of my old journals from middle and high school. Everytime I read them.. I just get depressed. Honestly... everyday was about some boy or something so stupid and petty... I decided I want to get rid of all that old stuff... and get a new journal and just start over with a new "mature" prayer journal. I havn't gotten rid of my old ones yet... I'm still trying to decide if I will regret it.. but I did get a new journal today!

I got it on sale at Target for $2.98 to be exact! It looks so plain and kind of like my books in high school when we had to cover them and my dad used grocery bags! (Anyone else remember those days or have to do that?!?!)

So I printed off some black and white photos from the internet... it may be breaking some sort of copyright law or something by putting the picture on here of the pictures... probably... somehow... but I'm gonna do it anyways!

So here is my ATTEMPT at being crafty...
Front View

I tried to print things that were symbolic to me in some way or in something that I am going through in my life right now...BACK VIEW

So that is my attempt at being crafty.... I am pretty happy with the results and that it what matters I guess right?! HAHA! I still need to cover it in clear packing tape but I have to get it from my roommate later.

To the crafty people out there.... let me know what you think and what I could have done differently to make it look better...

In the meantime... check out the new post below for my second post of Ashley's Embarrassing Childhood Photo Contest! HEHE! It makes for a great laugh!


Ashley said...

That looks fantastic! I love Emery's blog so much. And Shannon blows my mind. Another good one to check out is Lorie, i have a link to her on my blog.

Anyway. Yea, parents are like that, different generation I guess. but yes, it is so fuuny. I told my mom I was going to the blogher conference and she thinks i'm nuts!

Really though, you book looks great! And just think, now you have inspired someone out there :)

Shan & Andrew said...

Oh my gosh I love it! Lol...and tell your mom I'm not a perverted old man! HAHA! I promise! It's so fun making blog friends! Too bad we didn't live by eachother! We could actually meet and be real life friends! Oh, and I enjoyed your love list! I should have added being organized on mine! Anyway, great posts!