Monday, March 3, 2008


Now it's sunny with the high... of 65... HAHA!! YAY!!! I wore a SKIRT today and ballet shoes and I was WARM!!! It was fabulous!! :-)

I had an interview today at HealthSouth Rehab Center for a Rehab Nurse Tech position. It went well and I'm hoping to get the job. Hopefully I will hear from them within the next couple days.

Also, tonight I went to ZUMBA here in Morgantown to the really big group they have at a church. It was INTENSE!!!! I've done Zumba quite a few times now and have never felt THAT burnt out afterwards. I loved it! I highly recommend everyone try Zumba. It's a GREAT workout!

Spring break has been GREAT so far. I've just relaxed. I've been cooking a lot. I made tuna salad Saturday for lunch on toast for my parents and I. Then I made those rocky road brownies I talked about in the last post. They were SOOOOO good. I helped my mom make dinner Saturday. We made salmon cakes with pepper salsa, with roasted veggies and wild rice. It is so nice to be able to cook healthy while I'm at home. I can't wait until I can do it every night. Tonight after Zumba I made some FABULOUS smoothies for my parents and I. They were soooo good!

Saturday night I went to Fairmont to see Matt. We went with a couple friends to see Semi-Pro. It was pretty funny. I just stayed at his house and went to church with him and his family Sunday morning. After church we went to lunch with his sisters and parents. It was a lot of fun. We talked about what we would be doing in 4 years from now (on Leap Year...) LOL! It was interesting to think about. Hopefully, I will be working as a full time nurse. It would be great if I were in a children's hospital, or working in maternity. I still havn't decided which I want to do yet. I will probably end up doing both in my career. Anyways... LOL! Hopefully I will be married :-) and working full time while Matt goes to classes to get his masters (he'll be almost done by then hopefully....). Guess we'll just see where God takes us...

Back to the reality.. Last night I went to the movies with my very best friend Laura. We went to see Definitely, Maybe. It was pretty cute. We both liked it. I would recommend seeing it. Afterwards we went to Applebee's for dessert with a bunch of silly boys. It was a good time. I miss all my friends when I'm at school. I love getting to catch up with everyone when I come home!

Right now I am just watching WVU beat Pitt!!! WAHOOOO! (there is still time left in the game though and we could potentially lose... but I"m happy we're winning right now!)

Tomorrow I am really excited because my friend Tiffany is going to be in town. She is on tour with InvisibleChildren right now. I'm really excited to see the video and hear about her adventures. We really need to help those in Darfur!
Updates on how the rest of spring break is going later this week....

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