Sunday, September 25, 2011

Fall Fashion Week Day 1 &2

This week is: 


I have been so excited for this week since she posted about it! I always love seeing everyone's fall fashions. Unfortunately, yesterday I literally did not leave our apartment except to go to the laundry room outside our door. So, needless to say I didn't get all dolled up. Here is my day 1: pathetic. 

This is typically my day off type outfit if I have nowhere to go though. Honestly. I baked a cake yesterday (all day) and this was in the middle of the process with a little icing taste test! (I washed my hands after don't worry!)

T-shirt: Target $3.00 
Cardigan (my favorite): Forever 21 (like 3 years ago). 
Jeans: Hollister (i think) from high school 6 years ago I believe. 

I did much better today. We had church this morning so here is my Fall Fashion week Day 2!

The "shirt" used to be a dress. Somehow it shrunk in the washer/dryer. Probably because it says wash cold and my husband probably did not do such thing. 

"shirt"/Dress- Forever 21 
Jeggings- H&M 
Boots-- Forever 21 
Cardigan--- Christmas gift from in-laws I believe. No idea where it's from. 

There ya go--- fall fashion! 


bebe bird beck said...

I love the jeans/boots. You are adorable!

Lexi said...

kudos on fitting into jeans from HS! I love your dress/shirt, very cute!

Lea said...

I am loving all those earthy tones! Super cute outfit!

Molly said...

Your shirt that has become a dress is super cute. You've pulled the whole look together in grand fashion. Nicely done! And I'm so glad you're in on the fun!

deanna@delirious-rhapsody said...

i love it! it looks so cute and comfy. :)

E said...

Sad that the dress shrunk, but it's a great tunic now. And I love the olive color of your jacket!

Emery Jo said...

i love the color of those boots! they are so warm and they bring the whole look together! love!

Mrs. Cheerio said...

Oh, I love the shirt/dress. It is perfect for the boots!

I love how cozy you look in the jeans, t-shirt and sweater, too. Sometimes, comfy/cozy is all that matters- and it's timeless!

Anonymous said...

I love your outfit Katy. It just made me MISS you terribly. You are so stinking cute. LOVE, HUGS, and KISSES.....


Anonymous said...

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