Tuesday, September 13, 2011

So today I worked my 4th out of 6th night of working 3pm-11pm (with the exception of last night only working 7pm-11pm). I am tired. Yet, here I am at 12:45 am still awake... 

I don't know if you all know this about me or not, but my husband and I live on a Divinity School campus. Matt is in his 4th and final year of his masters of divinity degree here. Living on campus has been a true blessing for us. Our neighbors are our family. We are all very close and it's great having such great friends surrounding us. 
Another bonus is that I am involved in a bible study on campus with some of my fellow wives of students. haha. We meet on Monday nights and have a bible study together. Last year my neighbor best friend and I were in a group with 7-8 other women that was truly amazing. It was such a blessing. This year we switched groups due to our bible study from last year being heavily filled with "leadership team" so we split off into another group. It has been so wonderful so far. It's great sharing your life with these women that are going through mostly the same things together. It's great and so wonderful for me. Although, I couldn't make it tonight, I had already signed up to bring the snack. 
Obviously, I made some cupcakes!

(sorry for the bad quality... I took it with my phone. I need to get better at picture taking) 

I made mandarin orange cupcakes with lemon and pineapple buttercream icing. They were DELICIOUS! ;-)

2 more nights of work then off for 2 days! yippeee!!! 

On another note: I am thinking of doing some sort of recipe swap here on the blog. I'm not sure what it would look like yet, I am thinking of going with your favorite dessert recipe for the first time.  

Would anyone be interested?! Leave a comment if so!

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T@R@ said...

I am always up for new dessert recipes :)