Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Fall Fashion

So, I had today off and it has been a DELIGHTFUL day! I slept in, went to the grocery store for the ingredients for my cake! Today was the day I made the cake for my manager who is actually changing jobs. I am so glad I practiced the other day! It helped give me more of an idea of how I wanted it to look and changes I need to make! Here is the final product! It looks so much better than the first and I am so proud of it!

My 25th birthday is coming up this weekend. Originally I was supposed to work all weekend. So, Matt planned my birthday party for Thursday night! He has had this whole thing planned! I am so proud of him and so ecstatic for what he has planned! I had no idea! He told me about it today and gave me my gift early (he couldn't wait any more!) because it goes along with the theme of the party. He got me:  

a Record Player!! I have been wanting a record player for quite some time and I was super pumped when he set it all up and all of a sudden I heard You Make Me feel So Young playing! He got me Frank Sinatra, Ella Fitzgerald and Glenn Miller Band records! 

The theme of my party tomorrow night?! -- You will have to check back later and see! I am SUPER excited about it though! 
By the way-- that is my fall fashion submission photo for today as well! I am always bad at keeping up with this whole thing. I even said I was going to take pictures in advance this year to submit. It never happened. I mean I typically live in scrubs anyways, so let's face it that's not exciting... 
Here's today:

Navy style suit jacket-- Goodwill
Long tunic shirt-- Forever 21
Scarf-- H&M
Jeans-- Forever 21 

I also wore my same boots with this. I wore this out tonight to run to Best Buy with Matt to look for speakers to go with the record player. While there, this guy whose name tag said "THOR" came to help us. I am sorry but I CANNOT keep my emotions to myself. I say everything I think with my facial expressions. I am trying to learn to control this better as sometimes I think it embarrasses Matt because it's sometimes offensive. Well, THOR just came up to us in the speakers section of Best Buy and I am 100% certain he knew exactly how I felt about him. He was THE MOST annoying salesperson I have ever met in my whole life. At one point I literally told him "STOP IT! We just want speakers! The cheapest you have! We don't want a home entertainment system!" I was so fed up with this THOR guy that I literally had to walk away and look at appliances and joke with Matt about him before I lost it. HAHA! We ended up coming home and trying to figure out how to rig it up to the TV for now. Ended up we had just what we needed. Matt's computer blew up this week and we ended up using his computer speakers which work really well with it! 

It was a perfect fall day for me and now it's ending even better. Snuggled up on the couch with pumpkin spice candles glowing, in our pajamas, listening to Glenn Miller on vinyl and sipping juice and ginger ale out of mason jars. ;-) perfect ending to a perfect day! 
Tomorrow morning I have to deliver my cakes! Yes, CAKES! i used the scraps to make this:

can you tell what it is?!?! 

A nurses cap! I tried at least! haha! 


Ashley said...

That's an amazing cake Katy!!! I wish I had that kind of talent! I'm pretty sure I could never make something like that. I love reading your blog and looking at the desserts! :)

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