Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Music of the Seasons

for some reason, I have always had this intense connection with music and it's associations with events, seasons, and chapters of my life. 

For a brief history: 

My childhood revolved around the oldies. My first CD ever was The Best of the 60s. I wore that CD out. I have fond memories of dancing to songs in my living room with my dad like The Temptations. 

My tween years were devoted to my love of Hanson and *NSYNC. I have no shame here. Yes, I did cry at their concerts. (no judging allowed). 

My teen years were devoted to my love of pumk. I loved Relient K, Less then Jake, New Found Glory, and many others I will not list here as I am more ashamed of them than Hanson. yes. 

My adult years so far have been devoted to all things folk and chill. This is the music I love. I love the sound of a guitar and a raspy smooth voice. I love the sound of a banjo or violin or a lap steel. 

In the fall, this music really reminds me of the season. So I thought I would share what Matt and I have been listening to lately.

Here is my playlist for this fall: 

Enjoy! Share what you've been listening to as well! We love discovering new music! Make sure to share a link when you comment! 


Notes She Wrote said...

I've been listening to Sarah McLachlan a LOT lately! I don't have a link, but I love her :)

Notes She Wrote

T@R@ said...

I too have been listening to a lot of Mumford and Civil Wars as well as Adele, Florence and the Machine and Ron Pope :) And Tiff just burned me a CD of the band "The Tree Ring" which she says is really good and I'm going to check out

Krysten @ Why Girls Are Weird said...

I am the same way about music and have tons of songs that make me think of certain times in my life.