Wednesday, October 13, 2010

An Array of Things

First off: Get Pumped!

Because Fall Fashion week begins October 25th!!! I love Emery's blog. Her blog was the first blog I ever read consistently and that was in like 2006 I believe. I have been reading
her blog since then and have loved it. She inspired me to start my own blog and so here I am!Anyways, Fall Fashion Week! If you would like to join! Check out her blog and start thinking about those wonderful fall outfits. Get out your sweaters and tights and scarves and boots! OH MY!

Next on the agenda is this. I am not sure anyone actually reads my blog. But I told my brother that in the case that pigs would fly and someone read my blog, I would post some of his artwork on here.

He has been getting into painting lately
. He used to take Bob Ross painting classes back in the day. He has began painting again and so here are some of my favorite pieces he has done so far.

If you're interested I am sure he would be ECSTATIC to sell some of the pieces. He is looking to open an Etsy shop or a website to sell some of the pieces but really just needs some interest."The Warmth of Fall"

(this one is on 2 canvases)

"Sunrise, Skyline""Big City Nights"This one is in Matt and I's dining room. We love it!

If you're interested in any of the paintings leave a comment below with your e-mail. I will e-mail you the dimensions and how much he is charging. If there is interest I may try to see if he would be willing to do a GIVEAWAY on here sometime within the next week. Stay tuned!!

Third:: I'm still dreaming of that Etsy shop. I am going to try to start working on some products this weekend.


Kyla Roma said...

Oh what a cool fashiony project! And your brother's paintings are beautiful :)

Rachelle said...

i REALLY like sunrise Skyline!