Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Pumpkin Carving and tales of a crazy commute...

FALL FASHION WEEK FAILURE! (see Emery's blog HERE for what I'm talking about) I thought for sure that this week being my first week of work, I would dress up for work and come home and put on some more "trendy" clothes that I usually wear. Nope. so far we're sweatpants 2 for 2 days this week. I have an excuse for today (again). So, if you've been watching the news, the midwest is getting hit with this crazy storm. Now, I know Chicago is "The Windy City" and that is very true. However, this morning we woke up to the tree outside our window banging against the side of our apartment building and branches scratching against the glass. We didn't know what the noise was at first at 5:30am when our alarms went off, but figured it out quickly. So, I start driving to drop Matt off this morning and we get 1/4 of the way there and I realize I forgot my phone (this will factor in later in the story). So, I almost just said forget it, but realized that an entire day without contact or in case of emergency would be good for my drive to have my phone. So, we turned around. This put me leaving 30 min. later than I did yesterday. I got a ways down the road and traffic started slowing. I could not fathom that this was going to be this way the rest of the way into the city. I forgot to mention it was a MONSOON of rain when I left along with the wind. Insane. So, traffic sucked and it took me an hour and 20 min to get to work today. I arrived just on time for my 2nd day of work. *whew!* on my way into the building I stepped in a HUGE puddle and my left foot got so wet I literally had to stop and EMPTY THE WATER OUT OF my ballet flat shoe. The entire rest of the day my foot was FREEZING and wet. Not cool. Also, during lunch I needed caffeine. That's another story and I won't get into it, but needless to say, no Diet Coke was consumed by me. :-(

We got out early today! Probably the only day this week we'll get out so early. I was so excited to get home and see my husband and spend the evening with him.

While driving on the freeway, a white truck pulls up beside me and honks his horn and is yelling "ROLL DOWN YOUR WINDOW". Our windows have been on the fritz in our vehicle and at that moment, would not roll down. As we were driving and i'm trying to yell "THEY DON'T GO DOWN" he gets frustrated and finally yells "YOU HAVE A FLAT TIRE" and speeds off. Thanks guy in the white truck!

I do NOT want to pull off onto the shoulder on the expressway, so I pull off the next exit (in the meantime being honked at by other cars informing me of my flat tire). I call my husband. Then call AAA. Wait 20 minutes. They arrive. Change my tire. I finally get to go home for the evening. When I got home my sweet husband took the car for me to the mechanic and I melted into our bed. I called my parents and told them I was in fact okay and Matt was taking care of the situation.

By the time I got home there was positively NO WAY in the world I was going to put on cute clothes. I changed into my sweatpants and shirt. So, Fall Fashion Week fail Day 2. Maybe tomorrow? Definitely Thursday-- (we have plans) and definitely the weekend. It won't be a complete failure but today, I was so over today.

In other news::

Sunday night Matt and I decided to carve our pumpkin.

We left his mustache. obviously.

and we roasted the seeds.

I found a recipe for spicy roasted pumpkin seed
s. I washed the seeds and dried them. Then put them in a bowl with 1 tablespoon olive oil, chili powder, paprika and salt and a little garlic powder (spice to your liking). Then baked them 15 minutes. They turned out really really good!

So, I'm off to bed. For real. I'm exhausted.

Goodnight world.

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Anonymous said...

I think this is what they mean by "LIFE"....I am sorry you had such a hard day sweetie. It will get better once you get into the routine and know the road, etc.

We love and miss you. I'm so glad you had AAA.