Monday, October 11, 2010

Lovely Inspiring Things


Are these moccasins not the CUTEST EVER?!?! Check out her blog here!

I need that espresso machine, but in red please! Holy moly I LOVE it!!!


This entire wall is perfect. If that fireplace was working and had a nice warm fire it'd be AMAZING!!!

FOUR: source

I love every single thing about that kitchen. The mixer, the contrast of the pantry walls vs. the kitchen walls. The colors in general! The vintage bowls. perfect.


okay cupcake camp?! are you kidding me?!?! i need to go to that camp! I have been loving cupcakes lately. I have not actually eaten any but I have been loving the IDEA of them. I want to bake some soon.


Some of my favorite songs on my Fall Playlist this year. Enjoy!

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Anonymous said...

shoes are adorable but not $144.00 adorable. (The words of a mother).