Thursday, October 14, 2010

Day Dreamer

Living for the moment, for today, is something I have always struggled with. I have always been a day dreamer. In pre-kindergarten my teacher had a parent teacher conference with my mom one day and told her I was a "day dreamer" during class. I was traumatized. I thought it was something bad. As I grow older I love that I am a day dreamer. It became a problem, however, when I would day dream about the next chapter of my life, what tomorrow will bring instead of fully enjoying today and all it has to offer. It became more like wishing my life away than day dreaming.
I specifically remember when I was in middle school, I jus
t wanted to move on to high school. Then, I went to high school and it took about one week of that experience for me to start dreaming of college. I started college and went to the University in my hometown. I met this boy and we started dating. I had a great group of friends. I was content in this time of my life. It was easier to live for today. Then, that boy and I started dating seriously. I began thinking more and more about our future. Then, I moved away to another college and hour away. A year later that boy moved away to Chicago, while I stayed in small town West Virginia. This is where the pit of me wishing my life away began. I was not content there. I never felt like I truly fit in. The love of my life and best friend lived in another time zone. Every day I day dreamed of getting engaged, of him down on one knee proposing. I dreamed of being a wife. I dreamed of living together. I dreamed of this little apartment. I dreamed of spending every day with my best friend. When I was in this pit, it got ugly sometimes. I would TRY To enjoy the day I was living. I would try to live for today and not "wish my life away". But, like I said, I was never content there.
It got better, that dream of wearing a beautiful ring, planning my wedding with my best friend. It all became a reality.

It is so good to be on the other side of that wis
hing pit. As I was sitting on the couch this morning with the sun shining in and sipping my pumpkin spice coffee, in my lazy day clothes and looking forward to a weekend spent with that man (of which I referred to as a boy the entire previous part of this post), I realized that I am finally happy. I live for the moments I am in. People always told me that "college is the time of your life! you should be enjoying it!" College was never for me. Those first couple years at my hometown University were great, after that I was over it. It was not my scene. I was never into partying and I always thought people were so immature. This is my "time of my life". Newlywed. Beginning my nursing career. No children. No pets. This is our time. This is my contentment. I am finally able to breathe and take in the day. To sit back and reflect on my past and not live for the future. I am happy, relaxed, in love, and loving my life here in the suburbs.

Do you live for today?

Flowers from my husband. I love mums.

Our front door step all ready for Fall.
My husband LOVES "googly eyes". My good friend and neighbor brought me a bag of fun googly eyes that weren't being used f
rom her kindergarten classroom. I gave my husband a good surprise when he came home from class. They were on the lid of the toilet so when he opened the lid he got a good surprise. They were also on the faucet. So, I added them along with a nice manly moustache to our pumpkin. We laugh every time we walk by.

HAPPY FALL BREAK WEEKEND HUSBAND!!!!!! Finishing up my husband's knit tie.
Then moving on to some projects for my
"dream" etsy shop. hehe.

Don't forget to check out my brothers artwork in the previous post.
He is working on a new piece for my first ever GIVEAWAY here on my blog. But first I need to know people actually read this. So leave a comment below and STAY TUNED FOR THAT AWESOME GIVEAWAY!!! (should be within the next few weeks).


Tunes & Spoons said...

Cute Blog! Don't you just love fresh flowers in the house! Lucky girl!

Rachelle said...

In response to your question... I think I do live in the moment for the most part. I keep myself busy and plan fun events for myself, family, and friends to do... helping me live in the moment. I do have those days that I get sucked into this wishing pit. "I wish this... I wish that..."
I am doing a long distance relationship... not as long distance as you two did... but three hours is long distance enough for me! I totally understand the "waiting for the time when you two can be married and together" wishes. I wish those a lot.

P.s. CUTE googly eyed pumpkin!!

Krysten @ After 'I Do' said...

Haha I love that pumpkin, so cute!

P.S. I am having a wonderful giveaway, please feel free to stop by and enter!

Anonymous said...

ahh the mustache on the pumpkin! i love it!!! mustache obsessed.

but your post really got me thinking- i am in that state right now with my sig other a little journey away, i mostly dream about the weekends when we see each other. its hard to live in each day when you look so much more forward to the future!!