Saturday, October 23, 2010

Happy Weekend!!!!

This weekend is my last weekend of freedom. Kind of.

See, I start my job on Monday morning! I finally have a nursing job and I am very excited about it, and yet at the same time if I'm being 100% honest with myself, Kind of sad that I will not have as much freedom. For the past (almost) 3 months of livi
ng here and being married, I have had so much freedom. I've been able to cook and bake and knit and go shopping and go to bible study every week, have dessert nights with our apartment neighbors, have random last minute adventures, etc. I've loved it. So I must admit that a part of me is a little sad to have to head out to the working field....

Then I remind myself that my job is awesome! I worked so hard for this dream job. I went away to college and got
a degree in something that I could easily get a well paying job. But, being a nurse was never about the money for me. When I think about when I decided I wanted to be a nurse I distinctly remember the moment.

My great uncle was in the nursing home along with my great aunt (not husband and wife. hehe) . When we would visit them,
my heart would BREAK for the elderly who had been forgotten by their families. I would be so sad for the elderly who lost their spouses and their families lived too far away to care for them. They were all alone in a place that was not their home. When we would visit, I started taking my big bag of fingernail polish. (I was probably about 12 or 13 I would say) I would go and sit and talk with the women there. They would all gather around and I would paint their nails and we would talk about their memories, their life stories, their love, their history. It was amazing. I loved it. It was in these evenings with these wonderful ladies that I realized that it was not always about their medical care, but you can TRULY care for someone and make them HEAL by showing them love. It is so true that just by walking into a patients room with a smile on your face and a caring demeanor can truly change a person's day and make them feel better. I believe that with my whole heart.

Anyways, so this Monday I start orientation at my first ever job as a Registered Nurse! It is very exciting! I will be working in pediatrics and it will be amazing! I am excited!

So, this weekend the husband and I are living it up! We've decided to try to have dates like we would have in high school o
r when we first started dating in our undergrad years at WVU. So, last night we went to Five Guys and got disgusting fatty burgers! Then we walked to Best Buy and walked around and talked about Christmas gifts and XBOX games. :-) Then we came home and watched a movie and had hot tea.

Today is rainy here in Chicago and windy (surprise!) and cold. So I plan on staying in my PJ's for most of the afternoon and
knitting some. Then, we're on a date we both FOR SURE would have gone on in high school. We are going to see Jackass 3D (matinee) and then going to none other than APPLEBEE'S! hahaaha! In high school, that was my favorite restaurant. (Partially because it was newer and basically the only place in Morgantown I really liked. Small town West Virginia.) So, that's tonight.

We also plan on carving this guy this weekend:

If only we were talented enough to make our pumpkin look like that one. Instead, he will have a mustache and crazy eyes and potentially will wear a toboggan (hat).

Hope you have a lovely weekend! ;-)


danielle and dinosaur toes said...

well it sounds like you'll make a great nurse! my grandpa spent a lot of time in the hospital the last few years of his life, and it would always break my heart to see elderly patients with no visitors.

i wish you luck (although i'm sure you'll do fine)!

happy owl erin said...

thanks for finding us at Happy Owl. Your blog is quite lovely and very inspiring. now i follow for sure!

Anonymous said...

my sister in law just got pinned, and i am so excited for her! congratulations on your dream job! i saw through her only a tiny piece of the crazy hard work it takes to get to that point!

have an amazing weekend :)

Anonymous said...

Congrats on the new nursing job! And have fun carving that pumpkin :).

Emma said...

we are nurse twins - i just graduated from nursing school in august and got my dream job at a children's hospital and started last month! haha glad i stumbled across your blog. good luck with your first day!!

Krysten @ After 'I Do' said...

I hope you had a wonderful weekend!